Sending notification emails is one of the main features of MachForm, and you can fully customize any part of the email notification. You can customize the subject, content, sender address, reply-to address, Bcc, content format, etc.

It's very flexible and allows you to set up a robust/advanced notification system.

Notification Settings

To customize the notification email, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Notification Settings page of your form.


There are three notification settings that you can adjust there. One is the main notification email being sent to you, and the second one is the confirmation email being sent to the client who filled the form.

While the third one is an advanced option to send your form data through web hook.

Click the more options link on any of the setting you would like to customize.

Detailed notification options will be displayed, and you can change any part of the settings to suit your needs.

Using Merge Tags

merge tag is a special identifier that is automatically replaced with data typed in your form. It allows you to dynamically add content to your email, and it's very useful to create personalized content.

For example, you can include your customer's name, company name, or any other collected data. This way, each of your customers will receive unique and personalized email content.

How to insert Merge Tags?

Click on the merge tags link at the bottom of the notification settings page.


A window that lists all the available merge tags of your current form will be displayed. Select the field you would like to insert and the associated merge tag will be displayed. Copy the complete merge tag (including curly braces) into the Email Subject or Email Content.

Here's an example of Email Content using merge tags to include the customer name and some additional text:


Using HTML Code

In addition to merge tags, you can also insert any HTML code to your Email Content template. You can either insert a complete fully-fledged HTML email template or just some simple HTML tags.

So, if you already have an HTML email template, you can use it with your MachForm and use the merge tags to populate the data.

Here are some simple HTML tags you can use to customize your email content:

  • <br/>  -- insert line break
  • <b>...</b> -- bold text
  • <i>...</i>  -- italic text
  • <small>...</small>  -- small text
  • <u>...</u>  -- underline text

Sender Email Address

If you're using MachForm Self-Hosted, it's very important to pay attention to your From Email setting. To ensure delivery of your notification emails, we STRONGLY recommend using email from the same domain as your MachForm. In some cases, you might even be required to use a valid email address that actually exist on your server.

If you're using MachForm Cloud (Small Business or Enterprise plan) you can use any email address for your From Email setting. We have configured our server to allow you to use any email address you prefer.