This article is only applicable for MachForm Self-Hosted users. If you're using MachForm Cloud, you can skip this.

Under most circumstances, installing MachForm is a very simple process and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The following installation guide will help you to install MachForm on your server.

MachForm Free Installation Service

Before you read much further, if you, for whatever reason, aren’t inclined to do this type of software installation on your web server/host, you can still use MachForm by requesting the MachForm Free Installation Service, we will complete the installation for you for FREE within 2 business days (usually faster).

Installation Steps

1. Create your database

The MachForm installer will not create your database. This must be done prior to installing the MachForm. Make sure to write down the database name, username, password, and database host (often localhost) for the database. Make sure the database user has the proper permissions to create tables within the database.

2. Configuration file

Extract the MachForm archive ( with any unzip program you have. In the base directory of your installation you’ll find a file called config.php. Open this file and fill in the required database and host variables:

MF_DB_NAME – Name of the database
MF_DB_USER – Database username
MF_DB_PASSWORD – Database users password
MF_DB_HOST – The host domain/IP of the database (usually localhost but not always)

An example configuration would be something like this:

define('MF_DB_NAME', 'machdb');
define('MF_DB_USER', 'machuser');
define('MF_DB_PASSWORD', 'g27xTuwys');
define('MF_DB_HOST', 'localhost');

3. Upload to the server

Upload the entire machform folder and files to your site folder.

4. Set folder permission

MachForm requires the “data” folder under your machform to be writable. If you are using Linux, use the chmod command (example: chmod 755 data). If you are using a Windows FTP client to upload the files, such as SmartFTP or CuteFTP or FileZilla you can simply right click to the folder and choose the chmod command and set the permission to writable.

5. Run the installer script

The installer script is located in the root of your MachForm directory.

Run the installer via your browser and follow the instructions on the screen
(e.g. open – change to your own domain).

You will be prompted to enter your email address and the license number. Enter both and click the install button.

And that’s it! MachForm should now be installed. You can login to your MachForm panel and start creating your forms.

To login, use the email address you entered during the installation and use “machform” for the initial default password. Make sure to change the password once you are logged in..