Important: The latest version of MachForm requires PHP 7.4 or newer and MySQL 5.7 or newer. If your website server still using older PHP and MySQL version, you'll need to update it first.

Before you read much further, if you, for whatever reason, aren’t inclined to do this type of software upgrade on your web server/host, you can request the MachForm Free Upgrade Service, we will do the upgrade for you for FREE within 2 business days (usually faster).

Upgrade Steps:

1. Backup

It is strongly recommended that you backup your MachForm database and files before upgrading. The upgrade script will make database changes during an upgrade. If something goes wrong the only way to roll back the changes is if you have an up-to-date backup.

2. Upload to the server

Upload the whole machform folder and files into your site folder, overwriting your old machform files.

The only exceptions are the “data” folder and the “config.php” file. DO NOT overwrite them.

3. Run the upgrade script

The upgrade script is located in the root of your MachForm directory.

Run the upgrade script via your browser and follow the instructions on the screen (e.g. open http://www.yourdomain/machform/upgrade.php –change to your own domain).

4. Test your new MachForm

Your new MachForm should be up and running now. Login to your new MachForm and take a few moments to go through your installation and confirm it is running correctly.

Make sure to delete your browser cache before testing your new machform, so that your browser will load all the new files correctly.

And that’s it! The upgrade is now complete. Your upgraded MachForm is now ready to use. Enjoy!