Adding fields to your form is the most important task when building it and it's important to know how to do it effectively.

The Form Builder Interface

When you create a new form by clicking the Create New Form button, the form builder interface will be displayed, and this is where you add fields to your form. The screen is divided into two main sections; the left side (#1) is the preview section, and the right side (#2) is the field buttons.

Clicking the Field Button

You can add fields to your form by clicking any of the field buttons. Click the field type you would like to add, and the field will be added to the preview section of your form. Click it multiple times, and multiple fields will be added.

This is great when you've just started adding fields to your form since you can add fields quickly.

Dragging the Field Button

Now let's say you already have a lot of fields within your form and would like to insert a new field into a specific location. You can click the field button, hold your mouse, and drag it to the location you would like to insert it.

Changing Field Property

When you add a new field, it comes with a default label and settings. You can customize it further by clicking the field on the preview section; the Field Properties tab will be displayed.

You can adjust any options in the field property tab to customize your field further.

Duplicating & Deleting Field

To delete/duplicate a field, simply click the field on the preview section. Two buttons will be displayed (Duplicate & Delete) to let you duplicate or delete the field.

When you delete a field that already has associated data entries, all the data related to that field will be deleted as well.