By default, once a form has been submitted by the end-users, the form data can't be updated any longer by the end users and only admin having the ability to edit the data.

In some cases, you might need to allow your form users to modify their submission on a later date.

Using the Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission feature, you can do this easily. When you enabled this feature, the end-users will see an edit link on the success page of the form and receive a confirmation email containing the edit link as well (you'll need to enable confirmation email on your form).

To enable this feature on your form, edit your form, click the Form Properties tab and click the show more options link. Then check the Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission option

Save your form and that's it!

If your form already configured to automatically send autoresponder email to the end-users, they'll receive the edit link within the email. If you haven't configured it yet, simply add an Email field to your form and then follow the instruction to Send Auto Responder Email.

Editing Completed Submission Options

All these options are optional and you can leave it off if you don't need it or unsure about it.

- Resend Notifications

When you enable this option and your form is configured to send notification emails, MachForm will resend all of your notification emails again each time the end-users updated their submission.

If you expect the end-users might update their submission frequently, we suggest to turn off this option, so that you won't receive lots of emails.

- Resend Logic Notifications

Similar to the Resend Notifications above, but this applies to the notification emails coming from the Logic rules of your form.

An example use case to enable this option is when you have a form with Approval Workflow and you have email logic rules to send the approval email to the end-user when you approve/deny the entry.

This way, when you deny the entry, the end-user will receive a link to edit their entry, fix their data, and re-submit it again for re-approval.

- Disable Editing After [x] revisions/hour/day

By default, the end-users will be able to edit their submission as many times as they need it. You can limit the editing by using this option. You can limit the editing to a certain number of revisions or automatically expire after certain hours/days.

- Hide Edit Link

Turning on this option will hide the edit link from the end-users. They won't see the edit link within the success page or email.

You'll need to explicitly include the merge tags of the edit link into the email template to display it. Merge tags for the edit link/URL are:

{edit_link} - display a button to edit the entry

{edit_url} - display the direct URL of the edit link

Or you can manually send the Edit URL to your users by going to your Entries page and click the specific entry. You'll find the Edit URL at the bottom of the entry page.

This is useful when you only need to allow specific users to edit their completed entry.

Restrictions & Limitations

The following restrictions and limitations apply to the Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission feature:

  • This feature can't be used together with the Data Encryption feature.
  • If you have Google Sheets or Google Calendar integration, it won't re-sync the data upon form re-submission.
  • The edit link will always display the form on its own page and not being embedded.