MachForm support an easy option to populate default value of your form fields using URL parameters. This could be quite handy when you need to send a form to your client and pre-populate some of the fields with some values.

Let say we have a form with URL like this:

The form has a Your Name field and we would like to populate the default value for this field using URL parameters.

First we need to know the HTML element name of the Your Name field. To do this, right click on the form and view the HTML source of the form.

You should see something like this:

Look into the name attribute of the field and you can see that the field is having name: element_1_1 and element_1_2.

Now to populate the value into the field, simply put the name of the field into the URL and pass the value as well, like this:

and the result is:

The field is being populated with the value from the URL parameters.

This URL parameters can be applied to almost any fields, including Single Line Text, Email, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Drop Down, Address, etc.

Some complex fields such as Matrix, File Upload or Signature can’t be populated using this method.