Creating a form that accepts coupon code and automatically applies a discount is quite easy with MachForm. You can configure your forms to calculate a fixed-amount or percentage-based discount. This article will guide you through the necessary steps.

Add coupon code field

Add a Single Line Text field to your form and change the label to Coupon Code or any other title you prefer.


Enable payment

The coupon/discount code functionality is only available on forms that accept payments. Therefore, make sure you've turned on this option on your form. See Accepting Online Payments on Your Form for more details.

Open the payment settings page

Go to your Form Manager page and click the Payment icon on the form you would like to configure.


Enable discount

Under the Payment Options section, turn on the Enable Discount option.

A set of options to configure your coupon code will be displayed.

  • Percent Off or Amount Off dropdown. Select the type of discount you would like to provide.
  • Coupon CodeThis is a list of coupon codes that can be used by your customers to activate the discount. Coupon codes are case insensitive. You can enter one or more coupon codes. Use commas to separate multiple coupon codes.
  • Select Coupon Code FieldChoose the field on your form being used to accept the coupon code. This should be the Single Line Text field you've added previously.
  • Max RedemptionsThis is optional. The coupon can only be used this many times in total. Enter 0 for unlimited usage.
  • Expires On. This is optional. The coupon code won't work any longer after the expiry date. Leave empty if you want to allow the coupon code to be used indefinitely.

Once you've configured the options above, save your form and test it by entering the correct coupon code. The calculated discount amount will be displayed on the payment page of the form.




This functionality is available on all payment processors, except for payment via Check/Cash.


Common mistake


We've noticed that many people seem to forget to add a Single Line Text field to the form AND to select the coupon code field on the payment setting page, so make sure to do these.